agency banking

In the advent for / to financial institutions to increase reach and service to their various clients Kalyma Group of Companies has linked the Gap.

On behalf of various financial institutions in Uganda, Kalyma is joining hands through partnership with various banks to extend conventional transactions like;

  • Account Opening
  • Deposit
  • Funds Transfer (within bank, other banks and international transfers). Clients will be able to send money to same bank, bank to other bank and internationally
  • Account Balance Querying. Customers will able to reach agents and check how much they have at their accounts
  • Borrowing
  • Loan repayment. There will be no need to payback loans to branches or main office any more. It will be just a matter of going to the agent and make pay for a loan
  • Utility Bill Payments. Pay Umeme, NW, School fees, GOTV, DSTV, Star Times etc…. Bill payment will be made easier will just where customers will just need to give their meter number only and made be made of their bank account for a given utility
  • Insurance and other services like penalties can be paid against at the agent without necessarily going to the bank

As a super-agent our agents will be stationed nationwide and similar services are to be offered at all times

Benefits enjoyable: -

  1. Home Banking: Customers are able to enjoy banking experience from just their neighborhood without going to the bank
  2. Longer hours of banking: Most banks close at 5:00pm, here even till 8pm or 9pm depending on successive factors
  3. Rural reach: Customers living far away from trading centers worry no more about the risk of carrying large sums of days earning to the bank
  4. Financial Advice
  5. Reputable customer care: our agents are constantly trained to ensure they meet the CRM standards
  6. Reduced costs: Because the bank is brought closer to you, time that was spent earlier to go to the bank. transport costs that is to be incurred is never to be spent or is reduced