Asset and Fleet Management Solutions

Many enterprise’s and individuals face a problem of increased costs through/ where:-

  • Fuel theft where of the original budget set aside , half is spent or less. This kalyma we have solved with our analog and digital fuel sensors that are able to able to show fuel level at the moment, fuel usage per period of time, fuel average usage, fuel filling or pouring al on a fuel graph
  • Un scheduled vehicle maintenance cost. Due to harsh (acceleration, braking, cornering) many vehicle parts like brakes are wear out faster, shock absorbers damaged, oil leakage. The system generates reports showing driver performance unto which drivers can be advised against
  • Driving in the unknown. Failure to have proper knowledge of the where about of fleet leads to loss of goods worth millions, daily revenue generated from taxis. Our solution is able to detect trip start and stops, data acquisition of the ( time, distance, angle, ignition detection)
  • Vehicle security. An average of 5 cars is stolen every day in Uganda. Our response in check is features like engine block, starter block, auto geo fencing , driver identification tags , car towing detection are accessible

Benefits: -

  1. Real time visibility of fleet. Nothing much better than knowing where, what time, angle of your fleet in real time, not minutes less but instant at time of the event
  2. Crime prevention. Car thefts and related incidents that occur like brutality towards the victim are contained
  3. Reduced insurance premiums. Our solution meets what most insurance companies cover, so by letting them know your insurance payment is half of the original price
  4. Scheduled reports for. The system can generate reports depending clients needs, this can be hourly, weekly, monthly or even at time setting geofence zones
  5. Reduced maintenance costs. Any driver who gets to notice that they are being monitored, improve their driving habits from reckless to humbled. So wearing of different parts due to harsh breaking, acceleration and harsh corner bending is done away with
  6. Accident reconstruction. In the event of an accident, reports can be generated was it over speeding, harsh braking, time, angle, where. Are important scenario to trace the cause of the accident
  7. Reduced penalties. Penalties like over speeding, vehicle servicing are taken care of since reports can be generated in case of over speeding, the penalty be shifted to driver and reminders for vehicle maintenance
  8. Increased revenue. A containment of fuel siphoning, reckless driving

Fleet management application:- Private cars, car rental companies, tour and travel, motor cycle, water transport, public vehicles e.t.c

Asset tracking: - containers, rail carriages, military, inventory, wildlife, medical access, supply chain, construction tools, generator security, ATM tracking