ICT Solutions

Our ICT products and services comprise of vast solutions ranging from Unified Communication (Video Conferencing), Software, Hardware (Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Peripherals, Rugged Devices, Network Attached Storage, Servers, Firewalls).

Data Backup

One of our trendiest product is the Business continuity and disaster recovery as a solution. Many businesses face a problem of neither having a backup plan for all their data or which, in the event of a disaster which can be manmade or natural, enterprises are left at mercy of crumbling to a point of no recovery.

Statistics to consider

Our disaster recovery and backup solution confers to one size doesn’t fit all where over 250 operating systems, applications, virtual environments are secured. It meets budgets of any sort, any amount of data that is to be backed up, with the biggest question in mind “How long can your organization endure downtime of operations?”

  • Forty percent of all companies that experience a major disaster will go out of business if they can’t gain access to their data in twenty-four hours (Gartner)
  • Every year one in five hundred businesses will experience a severe disaster (Mc Gladrey and Pullen)
  • Forty three percent of companies that experience disasters never re-open, and twenty nine percent close within two years ( Mc Gladrey and Pullen)
  • Ninety-three percent that lost their businesses that lost their data center for ten days went bankrupt within one year (National archives and Records Administration)